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​The Perfumer's Shirt ​

Cotton Shirt


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The Perfumer’s Shirt is the latest addition to the collection of beautiful, hand-crafted, natural cloth items created in collaboration with Sonya Park of ARTS & SCIENCE.

Lyn has always had an obsession with workwear shirts which she wears most days. Sonya offered to make one for Lyn that was functional for Lyn’s work and at the same time representative of Lyn’s style. A few months later a package arrived and Lyn’s dream came true.

A simple workwear shirt with wide and easy-to-move in sleeves and a hanging tape on the collar. Made in Japan with a high thread count cotton and hand- finished in Kyoto. The cotton is naturally dyed in a colour known as Log wood dark navy. A unique colour extracted from the tree’s trunk and renowned for giving cloth a 'black dye' appearance.


Size 1
Shirt Length: 77cm
Shirt Width: 57.8 cm
Shoulder Width: 45 cm

Size 2
Shirt Length: 79.8 cm
Shirt Width: 60.3 cm
Shoulder Width: 47.2 cm

Size 3
Shirt Length: 83 cm
Shirt Width: 62.6 cm
Shoulder Width: 48.9 cm

Country of Origin


Made of 100% Linen


The Perfumer's Shirt



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