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​The Perfumer's Jacket ​

Linen Jacket


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A Perfumer's Jacket created in collaboration with Sonya Park of ARTS & SCIENCE and part of the collection of beautiful hand-crafted linen items.

A crisp navy blue, linen jacket originating from an ARTS & SCIENCE vintage work jacket which inspired Sonya to design a new version for the Perfumer with a secret inside pocket for smelling strips and two outer pockets to carry a note book, pencil and the many other bits and pieces which the perfumer uses.

The fabric is also one of A & S basic fabrics, called Linen vintage, originally developed at A & S and modelled on an interlining of a vintage linen.

When it is new, there is a dry, crisp feeling but with wear the fabric softens and evolves into a natural texture.


Size 1
Jacket Length: 78.2cm
Jacket Width: 57cm
Shoulder Width: 47.2cm

Size 2
Jacket Length: 81.5cm
Jacket Width: 59.4cm
Shoulder Width: 49.2cm

Size 3
Jacket Length: 85cm
Jacket Width: 62cm
Shoulder Width: 51.3cm

Country of Origin


Made of 100% Linen


The Perfumer's Jacket



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