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Trained in Paris and Grasse, Lyn’s distinctive sensibility transforms the natural world into olfactory landscapes that elevate the everyday.


For Lyn, the citrus family evokes a range of emotions; Cologne was her very first fragrance and its fresh, clean scent will forever be nostalgic. Her citrus scents all reference this clarity of feeling, but each have an edge to make them their own, whether it be green and herby, clean and spicy, or deepened with woods and balms. Lyn loves that citrus' can be worn by the whole family.


Lyn’s approach to florals is never straightforward. Resisting anything too pretty, she likes to add her signature touch of tom-boy sophistication through a dewy twist of green, a cool touch of violet, or the sensual humidity of tuberose, creating feminine scents that are complex and unconventional.


The fern is the family of the forest. This fragrant grouping of greens, herbs and clean woods evokes the changing nature of the seasons that Lyn loves so much, from misty winter mornings to the scent of sun-baked Cypress leaves. Each of her variations on the fougere family brings a fresh, modern take, with added twists of spices, balms and musks.


The wood family is an expansive one, and very close to Lyn’s heart. Able to evoke both the wild olfactory landscapes of the great outdoors, or the quiet intimacy of a pencil mark on paper, this is a family she loves to delve into the creative depths of and find harmony within.


This family of resins, spices, ambers and powdered musks has endless possibilities in its contrasts, from soft and angelic to deep and sensual. For the perfumer, it is a family graced with the seduction of light and shade, or in Lyn’s words: mystery.


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