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Summer Fragrance Predictions 2023

For summer 2023 Lyn has selected five fragrances that capture her love for the season and its changing moods; from soft, hazy mornings to long, sultry nights.

Each Eau de Parfum is available in refillable hand blown glass bottle 100ml, refill 100ml and spray 50ml.

Musk, Amber
From £150
A clean musk redolent of hazy summers at dawn and fresh linen drying in the lemon groves.

Lemon Tree, Citrus
From £150
Like sunshine caught in a confectioner's window, this gentle cologne brings Sicilian lemons together with jasmine and a touch of vanilla.

Fig, Floral
From £150
The vibrant scent of green figs, softened with a romantic hint of rose, transports the wearer to a fresh and dewy summer morning.

Vetiver, Fern
From £130
Evening walks in tropical settings are evoked with the heady scent of vetiver grass blowing in the breeze, ignited by top notes of galbanum.

Salt, Wood
From £150
Earthy yet full of vitality, Salt captures the windswept herbs of the Brittany coast on a bright day.