The Refill Station

All our candles and fragrances are made by hand here in our Refill Station.

At Perfumer H we are committed to preserving what is precious, and producing less waste. Our belief is that a purchase this beautiful is for life.

In keeping with this ethos, all empty hand blown candle vessels can be returned to our shops, in person or by post, in exchange for a new candle of your choice at half the original price. This allows us to re-use the glass and keep our product sustainable.

How The Refill Service Works

  1. Purchase a refill candle here on our online shop. This can be any candle of your choice.
  2. Send your candle back to us using the address below.
    Please package it well, preferably in its original packaging as we are not able to accept responsibility for damaged vessels.
  3. Once we receive it, we will send your chosen candle back to you.

Please return to

Refill Service Returns
Perfumer H
19 Chiltern Street
London W1U 7PH

This service can be repeated for life.

If you have lost the refill form from your initial order, please click here to re-print and include in your return.

Please note: we will send your new candle once we have received your return and payment has been processed.

We strongly recommend that vessels are returned using a tracked service.

We cannot accept responsibility for lost parcels. Please ensure your vessels are packaged appropriately to avoid breakages.

We will not accept responsibility for any breakages and will contact you as soon as reasonably possible in the event a vessel arrives broken.

Fragrance Refills

We have also created 100ml refill bottles to refill your beautiful handblown bottles. After your initial purchase, simply select your refill bottle and we will send this to you along with a glass funnel to decant the fragrance into your everlasting handblown.