The Refill Station

All of our candles are made by hand here in our studio.

“The way I formulate each of my ideas for the candle scents is very different to how I create fragrances for the skin. It’s about knowing the materials you can work with and that perform well in this format as well as formulating the fragrance in a very concise way to translate your desired landscape. Once the formula is finalised, the candle making process is a craft in and of itself. It requires careful precision, attention and skill.”

Lyn Harris

Each candle is tested and trialled meticulously by our team to ensure we deliver to you a candle that not only smells beautiful, but also burns correctly and brings many hours of olfactory pleasure to you and your home.

All of the glass used to hold our candles and our fragrances is hand blown. A beautiful art form in itself, this allows us to offer a re-fill service from our studio. We want this piece to be something that lasts for life, so please return your used glass to the shop or via post and we will exchange for your next candle of choice for half of the original cost.


Please return to

106a Crawford Street
London W1H 2HZ

Refill Yourself

We have also created 100ml refill bottles to refill your beautiful handblown bottles. After your initial purchase, simply select your refill bottle and we will send this to you along with a glass funnel to decant the fragrance into your everlasting handblown.