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Perfumer H have collaborated with Osip, a small farm to table restaurant in rural Somerset founded by renowned chef Merlin Labron-Johnson.

During the collaborative process, Lyn and Merlin found many parallels in their work, both valuing natural, seasonal materials. An event that epitomises this shared passion is the bringing in of the hay from the fields. In Bruton, this yearly ritual marks the beginning of autumn and all that we associate with it; gathering agriculture’s most romantic crop as red leaves fall on wet soil and the dry smoky air lingers above.

“I loved feeling how evocative scent can be, taking inspiration from Somerset to create these candles with her. Hay is something we have at our fingertips in Somerset and has become so important to our cooking process at Osip; we use it to bring out smoked flavours or a toasted nuttiness in our autumnal dishes.”
— Merlin Labron-Johnson

Smoked hay over wild angelica, damp wood and wet soil.


Foin, gaiac wood, cedar wood, sandalwood, tonka bean and cade

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