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Perfumer H Utility

We are excited to launch a new 175g candle size in all our fragrances. The glass vessel comes in our utility grey colour and accompanies the other Perfumer H Utility products: the 100ml bottle refill and 50ml spray.

All the Perfumer H fragrances are available in the functional 50ml spray and 100ml refill.

Explore our fragrances and candles select your fragrance and choose your utility range product.

The Refill Station

All our candles and fragrances are made by hand here in our Refill Station.
At Perfumer H we are committed to preserving what is precious, and producing less waste. Our belief is that a purchase this beautiful is for life.
In keeping with this ethos, all empty hand blown candle vessels can be returned to our shops, in person or by post, in exchange for a new candle of your choice at half the original price. This allows us to re-use the glass and keep our product sustainable.